New for Now Vol. 2 Clarinet

New for Now  Vol.2 In my research I have found an outstanding resource for clarinetists interested in Canadian clarinet music. New for Now Vol. 2 is a 1971 LP of Canadian clarinet music. So far in my work, this is the earliest resource of Canadian clarinet music. The subtitle for this work is: “An adventure in learning for young clarinetists”, however I feel that the works listed are perhaps more appropriate for advanced and professional musicians. A variety of musical styles are represented in this anthology including Trio Quebecois which uses Quebec folk songs, John Weinzweig, Clarinet Quartet which is the most contemporary sounding work on the album employing 12 tone techniques, and Suite Hébraique that gives: “… expression to his [Srul Irving Glick’s] Jewish Heritage.”(Galper). Noticeable in the selection of composers is the abundance of composers based in Toronto and the clear omission of women composers, and non Caucasian composers, which I feel represents the era rather than any specific biases. In a conversation I had with BC based composer, Sylvia Rickard she commented that it was unpopular for woman to be composers during this era. This may account for the lack of female represensation in Galper’s collection.

Avrahm Galper is the  author of this anthology and the main performer. In addition to performing on this compilation, he also contributes performance concerns and solutions in the liner notes. Other performers on this LP include Leo Barkin, Piano and clarinetists of the Toronto Symphony: Stanley McCarthy, John Fetherston, and Bernard Temoin.  

Not only is the recording a treasure to listen to, but the liner notes are significant on their own. Valuable information is provided for each piece including an evaluation of difficulty, composer biography, a history of each piece, performance concerns, analysis with score examples, and a brief history of the clarinet. Side A, features works for clarinet ensembles including 2 to 4 clarinets. Side B of the LP is of works for solo clarinet and piano. The works on this LP include:

Side A
Lucio Agostini, Trio Quebecois
John Weinzweig, Clarinet Quartet
Ricky Hyslop, Peanut Suite
Robert Fleming , A Two-Piece Suite
Eldon Rathburn, Conversations 

Side B
Milan Kymlicka, Two Dances
Srul Irving Glick, Suite Hébraique
Talivaldis Kenins, Divertimento
Charles Hill, Rondo Semplice

This recording is available through the Canadian Music Centre, and through most Canadian university libraries.


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