Anerca II The Raven and the Children

Milton Barnes’ Anerca II is an outstanding Canadian work for clarinet, bassoon, and narrator. The Inuit legend The Raven and the Children is narrated, accompanied by Klezmer music and Inuit throat-singing inflections by the clarinet and bassoon. I included this work on my DMA lecture-recital and as a chapter in my DMA thesis “Canadian Clarinet Music As Multicultural Action”

Elizabeth Mee, and I performed this work May 4th 2015 at the UBC School of Music.


Canadian Clarinet Music Timeline

I have created a timeline including a number of significant events in the history of Canadian Clarinet music.
Events and actions are in Black and works are in Green. There are too many works to list in a single timeline, so I have included works that I think are worth noting after 1970. Also, there are a few works listed before 1970.